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Amazon and Self-Driving Trucks

The media reported this week that Amazon is using Embark to haul cargo on the I-10 interstate highway in self-driving trucks . A Reddit user had observed one of the trucks a few days back, took a picture and shared the image. The picture shows a tractor with Embark logo and trailer with the Amazon Prime logo. For now, neither company can confirm or deny the terms of the partnership or long-term vision:).

Image Source: ThatKidWhoReadsALot

Upstart Embark has partnered with Electrolux and Ryder to run the reported world's longest automated freight route, 650 miles, starting in Texas and ending in California. Embark designed the automation specifically to the highway, so partner's drivers ferry the freight between the warehouses and the interstate. At the edge of the interstate, Embark's truck picks up the freight and the computer drives it to the destination with a test driver on board.

Embark does not manufacturer its own trucks. It designs the self-driving systems and integrates them into Peterbilt semis. This makes the system a lot simpler and easier to prove that it is safe, according to Embark's CEO, Alex Rodrigo. Embark is joining a number of other firms working on autonomous systems. This includes start-ups such as Ike, Thor Trucks and, as well as Waymo and Tesla.

As the truck industry has suffered with driver shortage and new regulations clarify the requirements for automated vehicle, we should start seeing a lot more testings and solutions around the country in the coming years. A lot of disruptive technologies and innovations will continue to transform logistics and supply chains.

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