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How panic-buying affect consumers and supply chain professionals?

How panic-buying affects us as consumers? Are we actually experiencing a shortage of food in the U.S. as images shared online suggest? How panic-buying affects supply chains and supply chain professionals? Global supply chains are in the spotlight in news outlets across the world. In this short video, I share some of my thoughts on these issues. For organizations, the immediate concern focus on continuity. The medical supply chain, for instance, is under great stress. The novel pandemic has brought to the spotlight what those of us in the field have known for many years: the criticality and role of the modern supply chain in our contemporary daily lives and lifestyles. But, in the long run, as we emerge from this black swan event, organizations will have a unique opportunity to reimagine the robustness of supply chain designs and the underlying operating models. The increased reliance on digital technology during the pandemic, such as cloud-based remote work technology to support business continuity of non-front-line workers. The current events will have long-lasting implications for how we work and how supply chains operate. As we emerge from the pandemic, some of the measures implemented to ascertain continuity will likely linger and spur additional experiments. The use of digital technologies to increase the visibility of downstream portions of the chain of supplies is one among many promising area.

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